A Successful Day


 A woman with straight silver hair to her shoulders, wearing a two piece outfit with a brocade top, stood at the table that Borders had set up for me near the front door. I carried my box of books, display stands and bookmarks to the table and said, “Hi. I’m the author.”

It was a good start. At a previous book signing, when I met someone as soon as I walked in, I subsequently sold ten books.  A positive superstition.

She said, “You know, my grandson would like this book.”

Bingo! I was off to a running start. “It’s the kind of story kids like,” I said. “An action-adventure set in Celtic mythology.”

“Is it scary?”

“No more than Harry Potter. Would you like me to sign it?”

“Well . . . yes, would you?”

“I’d be happy to.” It was my first sale of the day. She took the book and I set up the rest of my display. Finished, I tied a helium filled balloon to each end of the table, a favor handed out at the Human Race that morning that added a festive atmosphere to the table.

The store manager told me about a Leggo demonstration planned for the afternoon that would bring in pre-teens and their families. More good news!

With a hand full of bookmarks, I moved to the front door, and began handing them out to walk-in customers. I’d hold one out. “Your free bookmark,” I’d say. “I’m signing my book today. It’s right over there on that table.”

Only a few refused the bookmark and some slipped by, deliberately avoiding eye contact. Most thanked me. Some of them would ask about the book, my chance to make a pitch. It was impossible to catch every person, but I’d estimate that I met 70-80 people with the offer of a bookmark.

I was there about three hours. During that time, the store manager checked in with me several times and seemed pleased with my interaction with the customers. By 3:45 pm, I’d sold ten books. My superstition worked. The manager came by to settle up and paid me my 60% for the ten I sold plus three for their shelves. A successful day.



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