The Horse Stalker by Robert Digitale

This well crafted story takes you on a mythical journey in a fiercely tribal world with Roj on his quest to capture the spotted stallion and then find the mysterious and powerful Root of Glory. Accompanied by his brother-in-law, Noli, he meets the beautiful Healdin who wields the deadly power of Mara the Vine. Conflicts between clans endanger Roj and Noli as they are followed by Bibbibib and Weakling, two vicious and evil warriors—casual murderers, who are intent on acquiring the Great Valuable for themselves.


This is a dark tale of adventure and danger with many fascinating, well-drawn characters and the tension of the hunt as Roj, on his hero’s journey, seeks personal fulfillment. Digitale’s writing is superb, as he weaves this tale of intrigue and betrayal in an environment with few protections and manifold fears. I recommend you read this while you keep your lights on.


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1 thought on “The Horse Stalker by Robert Digitale

  1. Excellent review of HORSE STALKER, written by Robert Digitale, Charles!
    I read HORSE STALKER right after it came out last fall and posted it on Amazon. Found it to be well written, intriguing and loved the “horse” elements to Digitale’s story. They were accurately portrayed & I’m a stickler for horse details.

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