Beautiful Evil by Robbi Bryant

The book title is perfect. Reading it was a crazy ride, tense and exciting and not at all what I expected. But who knows what to expect from a narrator who is a little psychotic, well maybe, a lot psychotic. Meet Constance, a shy troubled person, and Rose, who is at least flamboyant if not nasty wild, and Thisiphone, your local neighborhood nymph. Look her up. She’s a piece of work. From beginning to end, this trio keeps you on your toes, mentally that is. And the characters that Constance meet fit right into the story. To say much more would be a spoiler.


The first three or four chapters didn’t pique my interest the first time I read them, so I put the book down for a month. But something about the story bothered me. I wanted to know what Constance was doing, so I read past the initial chapters and was hooked. I couldn’t put the book down—took it with me everywhere until I finished it. Yes, it was a page-turner.


It’s an adult story; drugs, sex, music and occasional violence, all mixed with the supernatural, just the things that keep the pressure on the protagonist as well as the reader. The writing is good, descriptions are creative, figurative language is used effectively and the book is cleanly edited. More than a good read, I recommend this book to open-minded adults.

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