Book Review: Jet by Russell Blake

In the first few pages, you know what this book is all about, a beautiful protagonist, violent death and non-stop action. It reads like an assault weapon video game. The story line takes us all over the world as the heroine is either eluding or chasing the bad guys who all want her dead. Obviously, this is a plot driven novel. The characters are sketched, but only skin deep. That said, it’s well written with clever use of figurative language and almost every line moves the story forward, albeit with cartoon like simplicity.


The protagonist, Jet aka Maya, is a combination of James Bond, Bruce Lee and Marilyn Monroe, or in other words, she’s a femme fatale superhero. Proficient with every modern hand weapon known to mankind, she baffles her foes, leaving a wake of dead bad guys behind. Who are these bad guys? And why did they hunt her down in Trinidad where she had retired from life in a deadly fast lane to eke out a living selling curios? Well, you’ll just have to read the book to find out. There is an answer, and it’s close to the end of the book.

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