By Force or Fear – by Thonie Hevron

After seven or eight years on patrol as a deputy in Santa Rosa, Meredith Ryan is promoted to detective. What she doesn’t know is that her new position will almost immediately involve her in a dangerous chase to find and arrest a sociopathic killer, while exposing her to an insidious stalker. These two exciting plot lines keep us on edge and engaged from the opening prologue to the concluding epilogue.

Hevron does an excellent job of keeping us in the mind of the protagonist and surrounding us with the authentic details that became part of her nature during a 35-year career in law enforcement. It’s also a hometown story written by a hometown author that includes our local Santa Rosa venue. Her descriptions put me in the scene as a reader and her dialogue moved the story through chapter after chapter with the pressure of the adventure. As the title claims, I felt the force and experience the fear of the protagonist. I also got a strong sense of the bond between Meredith and her detective mentor/partner, Nick.

I downloaded this novel onto my Kindle and read it quickly, but I can only recall one extra word left in a sentence. The book was professionally edited and I found it a quick read. I’d recommend it as a good detective genre novel.

In retrospect, I thought the climax a bit too quick and not entirely believable. Considering the work overall, it’s a minor issue as well as my personal opinion. But you be the judge. Regardless, don’t miss an opportunity to read a good ‘cops and robbers’ tale.

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