Book Review: Sleeping with the Gods by Jean Wong

Nine unique vignettes, about nine gods, are connected in one book, while oddly disconnected from each other as though cast by nine different authors. Yet themes of music, romance and sex do thread through the stories. And of course, there’s the gods and the fact that I knew there was only one author.

I found each short tale, surprisingly creative and titillating, drawing me in. Ms. Wong’s language is rich in flowing description and detailed imagery. Her characters are always interesting. Like a treasure hunt, I began each section curious about the god and how he or she would emerge, how the story would be cast to include him or her.

Each vignette was a quick read, a snapshot of character, place and event. Characteristically shorts don’t really need a dénouement, yet I finished each section feeling complete; I had met the god; discovered the treasure.

I found this book as enjoyable as it was unusual and you will, too.

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