Book Review: Forever Thirteen

Forever Thirteen is a fantasy, or is it para-normal, or maybe it’s non-fiction and there really is an afterlife. There certainly is in this delightful novel by Crissi Langwell. Most of the characters in the story are dead, but that’s not bad. They exist just like you or me except for a few limitations: most of them can’t talk to the living and most of them can’t connect physically with our living world. Thus lies the problem for our thirteen-year-old protagonist, Joey. He’s dead and he can’t talk to his best friend, Cameron, who is alive. That’s distressing because Cameron is super depressed about losing his best friend, Joey.

The author makes this an enjoyable and exciting adventure for Joey and the reader. The afterlife construct is very much like world building. It’s kind-of-a between existence, like Limbo or Purgatory without the fire. Furthermore, being in the afterlife has the advantage of instant travel to wherever you imagine: No waiting, no TSA, no luggage carousals. Just think about a place and you’re there. Neat!

Other interesting characters include: August who is kind of Joey’s multiple generational brother, Kayla who is not who she is, and Thelma who is not quite alive and not quite dead. It’s a nicely crafted story, well written, with many lovely descriptive lines. I thought Joey’s voice was a bit too mature for thirteen, so I’d rename the book Forever Seventeen. Regardless, it was a good read and I recommend it.

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