Tesla’s Attic by Neal Shusterman & Eric Elfman

From chapter one to the end, this middle grade book is a laugh fest. It’s not the story that’s a joke; it’s the characters who are all like stand-up comedians. Their goofy adventures, glib language and mangled clichés roll through every chapter. There are lots of funny similes and off-the-wall references, some of them aimed at the parents of MG readers.

Nick, his younger bro Danny and their dad inherit a Victorian house. The new residence, new school and new friends kick off the story. Nick moves into the attic where he finds a bunch of old appliances that are not really what they seem to be, and life for Nick begins to get a little weird . . . and dangerous.

Nick gains new friends Mitch, Theo, Vince, Caitlin and Petula. Written in third person, omniscient, we get access to all their thoughts. The switches are for the most part seamless, although I missed a switch and ended up thinking I was in the wrong head a couple of times. The book is mostly dialogue, which is good, because it keeps the story moving and the action in your face. However it tends to be a bit weak in setting scene.

This is book one of the Accelerati trilogy. It’s a fun read. I recommend it.

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