The Dark Horse of Shanghai– by Ken Sorensen

Danger, intrigue and excitement roil through this compelling story as Kip and Sal team up to save Shanghai Shores, a failing apartment complex in Shanghai. A powerful evil character, Rico, intent on sabotaging their effort, presents them with more than one challenge.

Kip is something of a business superman, albeit with a flaw, and Sal is his lifelong friend from the tough side of the tracks. These two main characters are interesting and well cast by their dialogue. The aspect of Western vs. Chinese culture and how it plays into every conflict and every negotiation adds a level of complexity and makes the plot even more interesting. Kip as well as the reader gain from the author’s personal experience. An added subplot involving two beautiful women, Angie and Heather, creates the possibility for romance.

The book is professional and cleanly edited. The author presents us with a nice balance between dialogue and description. The plot is intense and I found myself eager to read the next chapter. I recommend this book to anyone who likes a well-written fast moving story, with suspense, action and cultural depth.


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