Hardpan by Marilyn Skinner Lanier

The 1940-1950 generation was a slower time, a simpler time—a time when the country was recovering from WWII. Hardpan is an authentic portrayal of a family, like many families during this period, which made choices that worked against them. Yet this family’s determination and principles held them together in the face of daunting obstacles. This novel captures the culture of the time, the stoicism, the secrecy within the family unit, and the personal bonding in spite of the lack of communication, so typical of this period.

This is not a page-turner, but it is a good story, a story that draws you in so that you feel you know the Glover family intimately. It’s well written with a quiet tension that takes you along with them from Oregon to Wyoming and to California. It’s an epic tale that deserves to be read.

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